Book Garden Parties

Sharing Dragonfly Dreams


Welcome to the Dragonfly Dreams Book Garden Parties

The Book Garden Parties started with a small gathering in my daughter's garden.

I shared why I wrote Dragonfly Dreams, which was my relationship with Grace Liu, my aunt who inspired me to follow my heart as she had done. I wrote my first book, Grace in China, about her life.

I chose to write Dragonfly Dreams for young readers because, now that I have a granddaughter, I want her to know that even as a child she can act with courage and bring hope to others.

We then opened the discussion for everyone to share stories. Each person knew someone, older or younger, who was influential or special to them.

I invite you to consider hosting a Dragonfly Dreams Book Garden Party. If this intergenerational theme appeals to you, you can encourage your guests to bring someone older or younger with whom to share this special book.

If you would like for me to attend your garden party or book club via Zoom--let me know on the form below.

--Eleanor McCallie Cooper

The story of Dragonfly Dreams features a garden where Nini and her best friend Chiyoko leave messages for each other.

When a dragonfly lands on Nini’s arm, Chiyoko says, “When a dragonfly lands on you, it’s a sign that change is coming. You better watch your dreams, Nini.”

A garden is a place where change is always coming; it is also a place where we celebrate life and creativity.


If you would like to consider hosting a Dragonfly Dreams Book Garden Party, or if you would like for the author to attend via Zoom to share her experience in writing this book and to get the discussion going, click the button below.