Hosting Information for Book Garden Parties

Here are a few tips for hosting a Dragonfly Dreams Book Garden Party.


Make a list of your guests—family, friends, associates…
If you like the intergenerational theme, then invite guests of different ages -- or encourage your guests to bring someone who is younger or older that is special to them. Eleanor likes diversity of all sorts, and you may too, so feel free to assemble a diverse group. We’d love it if you captured the moment and shared it on social media and sent us a group photo to place on our website.


Just because it's called a garden party doesn't mean you have to hold it in a garden. It can be outdoors or inside. That's totally up to you, but a flexible option for weather is a good idea.


The timing depends entirely on your convenience and your guests' availability. But be sure to plan far enough ahead to order the books and to make arrangements to Zoom with the author, if you choose that option (see The Program below).


The Dragonfly Dreams Book Garden Party is different from a book club in this way—at a book club, you read the book beforehand and discuss it at the gathering. The Dragonfly Dreams Book Garden Party is the place you receive the book. The host can order them ahead (see Ordering Books below) or the guests can order their own. The guest who invites a special older or younger person might present the book to that person at the party.


There are several ways to order books. The simplest way is for each person to order their own copy the way they prefer. If you order a box of books (approximately 30 books), the publisher of Dragonfly Dreams will provide a discount of 40% click here.


At the Dragonfly Dreams Book Garden Party, gather everyone together. If you would like the author to join you via Zoom, she will be glad to share her story and get a conversation started with the group. Advance scheduling will be necessary to ensure availability, you can do that here.

It’s easy to get a conversation going with your guests, but sometimes you need a starter or prompt.

First, ask your guests to introduce themselves. Then, ask your guests to introduce the person they brought with them.

If you brought an older guest, do you want to tell why this person is special to you? If you brought a younger guest, do you have a story you want to share?

Dragonfly Dreams grew from a family story. Many people are interested in writing about their own lives or their families’ stories--asking about writing or other creative projects related to our stories may open up an interesting conversation.